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Apple Cider Vinegar Pills and Weight Loss

Humans have used apple cider vinegar for thousands of years due to its benefits for better health. Very often traditional remedies for health are based on this fact, even this fact is not always understood. Usually all positive characteristics of vinegar are described by people who sell something, but is it really true that vinegar can help to lose weight? And how does it work?

What is apple cider vinegar?

If you leave some apple juice to ferment on the counter of your kitchen you will get an alcoholic "hard" cider in a few days. This should be done in a home temperature. But if you leave the fermented apple cider in your kitchen for two weeks or so in the same easy you will get apple cider vinegar. How does it happen?

A definite genus of bacteria and strains of yeast start living in the liquid consuming the alcohol in the cider. They transform the consumed alcohol to acetic acid. During all this process you should expose the product to the open air. The air turns fresh apple juice into vinegar in about two weeks.

Apple cider vinegar pills and weight loss

Many people already know that vinegar can help to lose weight. The internet if just flooded with different testimonials telling about the effects of this product. Even some of your close people may have tried this weight loss method. Usually it is recommended to drink a spoon or two of vinegar before each meal. However, some people don't like the taste of the vinegar but there is a way out for such people. They can purchase pills made of apple cider vinegar. Isn't it easy - just a spoon of vinegar before each meal will make you lose weight?

Recently, Arizona State University has conducted a study that presupposes that vinegar proves very effective in helping to lose weight. It also explains why it happens. So, the vinegar was consumed by patients as a diluted drink before each meal. It turned out that it altered the glycemic effect of meals. This effect deals with the speed at which insulin rises as an answer to sugars' entering the blood flow. That is why it is often said to eat low glycemic foods (non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, legumes). These products help to get a feeling of fullness and will fill you with much energy for the whole day.

On the other hand, there are high glycemic index foods. They include white flour, potato products, processed grains and sweets. They usually have an excess of carbohydrates which may turn into fat in your body. So, this university study proved that apple cider vinegar is able to reduce the glycemic effect of these meals. To tell the truth, the effect was rather small. However, it is a great advantage that apple cider vinegar gives the feeling of fullness after a meal and can change the process of digestion assisting with weight loss.

Drinking apple cider vinegar pills only you should not expect fast results. If you don't change your diet of start making exercises you'll see only a small effect. So, don't forget to use a combination of weight loss methods.

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