Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Strategies

Reputation Management


In today’s modern day and age everyone is “googling” businesses before they decide on spending their hard earned money.  To be honest, there is nothing more dreadful for a business owner to hear that revenue is being lost because of negative comments and ratings that prospective customers have read online.  It is something that some businesses have not been able to come back from if they are not on top of the situation.

With mobile searches becoming more popular and websites such as Google, Yelp and Amazon becoming more important, businesses are losing millions of dollars everyday as a result of negative comments and news about companies.  Most times, you are defined by what is online and it is for most, the only communication you will have with prospective customers.

Falcon Consulting & Marketing has resolved these issues in many instances for businesses in the past. Through laborious trial and error as well as research we can assist in troubleshooting where the problems have been planted and then come up with both a short term and long term plan in combating misleading and injurious material.  Our experience comes through almost immediately and your business will feel like it is in good hands with our in-depth analysis and plan.

A customer/client’s first impression is by far the most powerful and they must have a warm feeling about you in order to proceed in their decision-making process.  Just like a person is most of the time not defined by one negative action, so must your company.  A comprehensive reputation management plan will give your company the edge when prospect is close to finalizing the contract/purchase.  An important aspect of the plan is publishing content that shows what your values are goals are as a company.  Content marketing is a very important tool that must be implement in order to achieve the gains that are needed for information that might have been planted by a competitor or a disgruntled employee.

Our staff here at Falcon Consulting & Marketing will use our best efforts in order to have negative inferences diminished by positive overall information about your staff and overall enterprise.


PPC - Pay Per Click

ppc3Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest and easiest way to gain traction online.  This is where you are in fact paying the search engines to advertise your company to the world.  Although it might sound as a certainly that people will find you online by paying Google, Yahoo and Bing directly it is not always the case.  At Falcon Consulting & Marketing, we tailor your company’s overall message to the audience that you deem fit to maximize the results that you are looking for. Our staff that handles Search Engine Marketing has been proven to enhance your brand awareness and achieve optimal “clicks” for whatever locality you are looking for.  Whether it be a national, state or local campaign we can assist you with it.

Our PPC management at Falcon Consulting & Marketing starts includes an initial consultation to discuss your specific goals and budget.  We then cater to you and use a synergistic strategy to assist you  in attaining both your short-term and overall goals.

Services for PPC include:

  • Competition analysis and insight.
  • Selection of keywords that you maximize your investment.
  • Remarketing and retarketing solutions
  • Weekly and monthly monitoring to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.  Adjusting accordingly once a determination is made based on the analysis.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing has become a huge part of your branding success. Falcon Consulting & Marketing uses a time intensive human approach to social media marketing.  What that means for your business is that we become part of the fabric of your customer service environment.  Our social media marketing is two-prong.  We attempt to engage with potential customers and let them understand your company’s core values.  We also let your present and past customers feel like they are part of the growth of your business and communicate regularly with them as well.

Big corporations are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin on a daily basis.  It is being shown every day that it highly impacts the relationship between brands and consumers. As a matter of fact, some company only communicate with their customer base via social media and use an entire team to handle customer requests and complaints.  The idea with our social media campaign is to show our company base that we are fully engaged in the process and will be as responsive to their wants and needs.

Social media marketing is also important in order to assist with your brand’s reputation.  Engaging quickly and with a level of expertise will prevent any negative reviews that could have potentially been made from customers.  It is the business owner’s awareness of the utility of the social media marketing that is of utmost importance.  Owners and managers should be aware that social media marketing should be a part of the overall culture of your business practice and take it with the level of seriousness that other areas of your business is treated.  In the end, having a comprehensive social media plan will only enhance the positive image your would want to portray of your brand.

Here at Falcon Consulting & Marketing, we us a comprehensive and detailed social media campaign to achieve results that will not only make your company’s image a positive one but also make them a leader in the industry of choice.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

seo2Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone online marketing campaigns.  As such, it is imperative that you get a grasp of what is needed in order to obtain organic search rankings.  Having an overall strategy must be implemented immediately so not to waste potential earning potential and marketing dollars.  SEO campaigns are generally preferred by business owners and marketing teams because of it long-term effects that will potentially be the underpinning of your company’s marketing strategy.  With more than 94% of search engine users clicking on organic results, strong search rankings can lead to long term free traffic going to your site.  Understanding that your initial investment will have a high ROI is fundamental in your rationale when hiring a digital marketing agency to assist with search engine optimization.

The difference between SEO and PPC is that with Pay Per Click, you are only achieving potential revenue as long as you are paying the search engine companies.  The price of the click can fluctuate and you can potentially be out of pocket much more should your click rate increase. This is why it is of utmost important to start a program to get your organic rankings as high as possible.

With Google Panda updating how SEO will be factored and mobile indexing becoming ever more important, we here at Falcon Consulting & Marketing are constantly changing our techniques according to industry changes.  A list of our services are as follows:

On-Page SEO Services

  • Keyword Research-not only keywords for your company but your competitors
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Page Content- creating fresh and updating content
  • Blog Development- working on your blog on several platforms
  • SEO Site Architecture- using Sitemaps in order to enhance crawling by search engines
  • Content Marketing- ever increasing blog and article writing creating exposure and authority

Off-Page SEO / Link Building Services

Link building is the most important factor in helping with surging rankings.  We tailor our link building campaign according to specification of what they client needs.  With the ever changing world of link building, we are on top of what works and what does not anymore.  Some old techniques are being penalized by the search engines and we make sure that we do our research to remove bad links that might have been adversely affecting your site.

Our state of the art link building includes submissions in social media, Web 2.0 and other avenues in order to make you an authority in your field.

Website Design

Website Design

Website Development & Design

With assistance and guidance from our clients, Falcon Consulting & Marketing will produce unique and responsively designed websites that will give you the head start you will need to market yourself to your customer base.  Our staff of technicians take your vision and creative nurture it in order to optimize the marketing value of the site while not diminishing the aesthetic quality that you are looking for.

We are very proud of our web design and development work and can with confidence say that the finished product will be as unique as your business itself.  After consultation, we will get a grasp of what your goals are for the site and can attain with some certainty the individual characteristics you will want to have converted onto your online presence.  Our goal is to make you as unique as your business is.  Your personality will show through our finished product.  Also, your competition will be in awe of your style and may attempt to adjust accordingly.

If the staff here is doing the work competently, you will have the same level of optimism and pride when we are building the site.  Our main goal is to have a site that is both practical and creative.  We feel our best when you achieve your revenue goals as a result of customers clicking on your online responsive site. Whether you are an online retailer or a newly minted attorney we can tailor a website for you.
With more than half of all consumers browsing on their mobile device and to reach more than 75% in the future, a fully functional mobile website is necessary for your business.   Google has recently announced that Mobile websites are going to take priority when it comes to an important factor in Search Engine Optimization so we will cater a mobile friendly site for your approval.

SEM Audit Reports

Audit Reports

Audit ReportsInitiating Audit Reports

In order to get a grasp on what strategy we will have to provide with respect to Search Engine Optimization “SEO” for your company, it is necessary to conduct a Website Audit.  Comprehensive Audit reports are helpful in determining the overall health of your online presence.  It is also used by our experienced marketing consultants in order to an obtain an in-depth analysis of keywords, search engine rankings and your competitors (national and local).  Also, it gives our staff a quick overview of where your online presence stands with respect to web design, backlinks, and overall content.

SEO is an arduous and lengthy process that needs to be nurtured by the individuals working on it.  It produces results that are permanent and that is why it becomes a necessity to get an understanding of your overall presence.  It assists us with a strategy that will be used during your campaign. Your marketing money as well as revenue for your business in on the line and we need to do it correctly from the beginning properly.

A Website Audit Report will allow our staff to do just that for you. It is the only way to truly get a grasp of where you are with respect to marketing online. If we cannot do a proper Website Audit, you will only be wasting your hard earned marketing money that you could have allocated to other areas of your company.

At Falcon Consulting & Marketing we must mandate a Website Audit prior to use engaging in marketing campaigns for our clients.  We realize that our reputation is on the line every single time we take on a new project and we must start this venture on the right foot.  A comprehensive Website Audit is the right way to go.