Audit ReportsInitiating Audit Reports

In order to get a grasp on what strategy we will have to provide with respect to Search Engine Optimization “SEO” for your company, it is necessary to conduct a Website Audit.  Comprehensive Audit reports are helpful in determining the overall health of your online presence.  It is also used by our experienced marketing consultants in order to an obtain an in-depth analysis of keywords, search engine rankings and your competitors (national and local).  Also, it gives our staff a quick overview of where your online presence stands with respect to web design, backlinks, and overall content.

SEO is an arduous and lengthy process that needs to be nurtured by the individuals working on it.  It produces results that are permanent and that is why it becomes a necessity to get an understanding of your overall presence.  It assists us with a strategy that will be used during your campaign. Your marketing money as well as revenue for your business in on the line and we need to do it correctly from the beginning properly.

A Website Audit Report will allow our staff to do just that for you. It is the only way to truly get a grasp of where you are with respect to marketing online. If we cannot do a proper Website Audit, you will only be wasting your hard earned marketing money that you could have allocated to other areas of your company.

At Falcon Consulting & Marketing we must mandate a Website Audit prior to use engaging in marketing campaigns for our clients.  We realize that our reputation is on the line every single time we take on a new project and we must start this venture on the right foot.  A comprehensive Website Audit is the right way to go.