ppc3Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest and easiest way to gain traction online.  This is where you are in fact paying the search engines to advertise your company to the world.  Although it might sound as a certainly that people will find you online by paying Google, Yahoo and Bing directly it is not always the case.  At Falcon Consulting & Marketing, we tailor your company’s overall message to the audience that you deem fit to maximize the results that you are looking for. Our staff that handles Search Engine Marketing has been proven to enhance your brand awareness and achieve optimal “clicks” for whatever locality you are looking for.  Whether it be a national, state or local campaign we can assist you with it.

Our PPC management at Falcon Consulting & Marketing starts includes an initial consultation to discuss your specific goals and budget.  We then cater to you and use a synergistic strategy to assist you  in attaining both your short-term and overall goals.

Services for PPC include:

  • Competition analysis and insight.
  • Selection of keywords that you maximize your investment.
  • Remarketing and retarketing solutions
  • Weekly and monthly monitoring to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.  Adjusting accordingly once a determination is made based on the analysis.